The Post Revolutionary Period of Social Media

As I waited in line to pick up my coffee from a local cafe on campus this morning, my hand instantly reached for my phone in my right pocket for some form of entertainment. In the three minutes I likely waited to place my order, I had already scrolled through the news on Twitter, liked three or so photos on Instagram and responded to a Snapchat I had received from a friend only moments before. But while I had been in my own world of social media, three other people behind me were also immersed in their phones, checking Facebook or listening to Spotify.

Today having social media apps like Facebook and Snapchat right at your finger tips is the new normal. While many have claimed that the world is undergoing some major social media revolution, I think its safe to say that the world has already surpassed the age of revolution and embraced social media as a primary part of the way people interact, communicate and even do business with each other. There is arguable nothing “new” in terms of social media, though technology continues to change at the drop of the hat, such change is expected. Predicting changes to social media and technology have become a bit like predicting what the weathers going to be like this weekend, though there’s some uncertainty, its highly likely that its going to be sunny with a chance of Facebook updating their news algorithms.

“These big trends will have a major impact on how we conduct social media marketing in the coming year.”

While tracking these changes can be difficult, websites like Smart Insights, a digital marketing website, continually analyze data from social media in order to predict what this year’s digital trends will be. Already the site is predicting that paid social media advertising will increase, and that business will spend more money on social media. But even trends like business increasing money toward social media is not anything new. Any successful business today has a social media marketing strategy, in fact I walked past a restaurant today that advertised their social media sites on their window. Having social media is not revolutionary, but if there is anything remotely revolutionary about social media its using it in a new way to be successful.

“We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how well we Do it.” – Erik Qualman.

Bloggers like Matthew Barby, have taken advantage of businesses and individuals desperately trying using social media to gain followers and attention toward their websites. Barby’s website for instance, offers a step by step process of how beginning bloggers can gain followers using Twitter. But he’s not alone, several blogs have advertised how individuals and business owners can keep on top of their social media by doing the bare minimum. The question has gone from whether you should use social media, it’s how much  time and money do you have to spend toward social media, to be successful.

The time of revolution has past, welcome to the new normal. If you aren’t already adapted to it, you’re already behind.


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