Wielding Wily Media Skills on Willy Street

A collaborative social media effort by Anne Blackbourn and Nicole Armi for #475day. 

For our social media adventure project, we picked a community off the main beat of campus to bring you a story about a unique set of people and places we may never had the chance to explore:

Welcome to Williams Street, or more commonly referred to by it’s nickname, Willy Street. Willy Street is home to a wide variety of restaurants, cafes, tattoo parlors and unique Madison residents. Though we didn’t have the full chance to sample all of the trendy new places popping up on the street, we did mange to get a good sampling of the surrounding area to give you a bit of the flavor of the Willy Street community.

Peaking at Willy Street’s latest media via Banjo may seem like a disappoint at first glance.  Without including our own social media posts from our social media adventure day or #475day, there are few and far posts to social media from Willy Street. But don’t judge the community on its social media posts, or lack thereof. This small community off of the busy beat of UW’s main campus drag is in reality bumping. Though the crowd may be a hair or two older than the cool college kids you’re used to hanging out with, it’s an accepting community full of knowledgable and well traversed people.

In the beginning of our adventure, we took a short tour of the local community that’s centered around the popular Willy Street Co-Op. For those of you unfamiliar with the spot, Willy Street Co-op is a full service cooperative that specializes in locally made, natural, and organic foods. Much like the residents that shop there the Co-op is a trendy and on point joint to stop by if you’re ever in the mood for some wholesome food, or even some local music! On a few select days of the week, the Co-Op selects a few talented musicians to play outside of their store, we actually had a chance to meet one of these rockstars and hear him play. Check out below for the short interview and live music:


But this rockstar wasn’t the only cool cat we met, we also met some well traveled friends, who have been not only around the United States a few times to Boston and Seattle but outside of the continental U.S. to Europe and beyond. In between making new friends, we also had some time to stop and admire some of the awesome artwork painted outside of the co-op and alongside many of the old brick buildings, adding a bit of character and some perspective about the people who live in the community.

For the full story of our adventure, check out our adventure via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. This video below gives you short tour of the main part of Willy Street, and we’ve also compiled our tweets and replies  during our adventure for your convenience.

Let us know what you think of our story, and be sure to check out the Willy Street Community when you feel the need to get off the UW-Madison campus.


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